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Stay Cool with Mohr: Expert Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Northeastern Arkansas

Serving Jonesboro, Wynne, Searcy, Cabot, Beebe & Marion


As the Arkansas sun intensifies in spring and summer, the importance of an efficient air conditioning system becomes evident for both homes and offices. At Mohr Air Conditioning, we recognize that any AC malfunction could disrupt your life significantly. That's why we recommend addressing any AC unit issues well before the hottest months arrive.


Why Choose Mohr for Air Conditioning Service and Repair:

  • Efficient Cooling, Every Time: Our licensed professionals specialize in heating and air-conditioning, ensuring your system operates seamlessly throughout the year.
  • Emergency Repairs: Should you require emergency repairs, our responsive team is ready to swiftly restore your system's function.
  • Mohr Peace of Mind Program: To promote longevity and prevent unforeseen breakdowns, we proudly offer a program designed to maintain your system's peak performance.


Signs Your AC Needs Repair:

  • Unusual Sounds or Odors: These could indicate component malfunctions, requiring replacement for optimal efficiency.
  • Inadequate Cooling: If changing your air filter hasn't resolved the issue, a Mohr AC expert should be consulted.
  • Leaking Water: Dripping water causing damage suggests a component issue, necessitating diagnosis by a Mohr technician.


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Emergency Repair Service Hotline: 870-238-3372


No matter how inconvenient an AC breakdown can be, Mohr will always work with you to reinstate the comfort of your home or office. Call us immediately if you experience any recurring problems with your HVAC system because you might be heading toward a complete breakdown.


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