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AC Installation Mistakes & Why the Right HVAC Contractor Matters

If you can imagine going without your air conditioning for a couple of days during our summers, you can imagine how necessary this system is for maintaining the cool climate in your home. All HVAC appliances need the right technician for any service jobs, including repairs and installations. Without specific qualifications, processes, and customer service, you can't be sure your contractor will be able to meet the guidelines for a proper installation.

When you start your search to get that newly purchased, Energy Star rated AC installed, there are few markers to assess.


Installing the thermostat in the wrong place

The location of your thermostat matters. This climate control appliance sends an electronic signal to your HVAC system based on the temperature it reads in your home. If it’s too close to multiple vents or in direct sunlight, the reading will be skewed towards too hot or too cold temperatures. This common installation mistake makes your system work harder, costing you unnecessarily.


Relying on an inexperienced contractor

Even after years of training, technicians need additional years to work on a home system. In-field experiences grant essential problem-solving and customer service skills. Plus, a seasoned professional is much more likely than an amateur to handle any problem, no matter how unusual.

A long-standing business likely has its processes and offerings down pat, making scheduling more straightforward. A fresh start-up may promise a lot at first, but you’re more likely to experience thorough convenience with a well-established contractor.


Poorly sealed ductwork

Another common issue we see from other contractors is their shoddy duct sealing work. A duct system that is well-designed and properly sealed can make a difference in your comfort. With every crack or gap in your ducts, you lose energy and money.


Choosing an improperly sized system

As skilled as they are in repairs, your contractor should be as knowledgeable about advancements in HVAC equipment. Today’s technology allows homeowners to save hundreds on their annual energy bills while keeping completely cool and warm throughout the year.

Your tech should be able to recommend a system that will fit your needs and home. One with a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and energy star rating will provide savings and comfort.


Not giving the condenser enough space.

Ensuring each component is in good working order is a fundamental part of your installation. Your condenser is the metal covering around your air conditioning’s exterior. If your contractor doesn’t give at least two feet of clearance around the sides of your unit, the system will strain to run, causing increased wear and tear.

At Mohr, we are committed to making your home service as convenient as possible, whether you need a repair, replacement, installation, or advice. We have the experience and dedication to make your home your personal sanctuary. Call Mohr for any air conditioning needs.