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Why You Should Avoid DIY HVAC Repairs

Fixing your AC is the same as installing a new toilet valve, right? Unfortunately, most DIY skills you've picked up do not translate to repairing your comfort system. If you're worried about the cost, you could face an even greater expense by trying to fix your broken-down air conditioner yourself. Plus, HVAC work isn't safe for those that don't know precisely what they're doing.

Injury and expense aside, your Mohr technician is trained on the latest advancements in the industry, giving full attention and care to their work. You can ensure your system lasts as long as it’s intended to when you choose a professional repairwoman or man.

Here's a better idea of why we should take care of that repair for you.


The Quality of the Repair

We’re not talking about changing your air filters here. Say you've done your research and understand how your system functions. There's still the matter of handling and identifying issues with the components that comes with years of experience and training. While it looks like your system is built to withstand a great deal, some parts, like the fins, are very fragile.

Additionally, the slightest mistake will ruin the components and decrease the longevity of your system. The added issue will end up costing you a lot more to fix than it would have been to hire a trained tech from the beginning.


The Safety Risks

We strongly advise you don't touch any part of your evaporator coil or refrigerant if exposed. Since refrigerants are a matter of environmental care due to their chemical compound, only technicians who have an EPA 608 certification can handle and dispose of refrigerants. Intentional tampering with refrigerant is against the law.

Another critical aspect you have to consider when dealing with your HVAC unit is the voltage required to operate the system. No amount of repair money is worth risking your safety.


The Advanced Equipment

When you call us out to your home, we roll up with our trusty service van. What's in that van, you might ask? Inside is everything needed to complete your repair, replacement, or maintenance service, depending on your system's needs. That equipment is an investment we made so you don't have to. It helps us accurately determine any issues at hand and efficiently resolve them.

You can be handy without knowing every tool in the book. Let us do the hard work for you while you take it easy.


We're in the time of DIY, and in some ways, the abundant YouTube videos and blogs are helping to keep us all more informed about what's going on with our homes. Our team is always happy to answer any questions and keep you up to date on your services, but when it comes to expertise on the subject, our techs can't be beaten.

Let us know how we can eliminate DIY repairs from your schedule today.