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Putting Common HVAC Myths to Bed

There is such a thing as hitting your stride with your home, but it might take some help to get there. Mohr experts can always fix your AC if it freezes or leaks, but we also know how to keep the problems away. Additionally, our specialties include helping your home function daily by letting you know what HVAC myths are preventing your system from running efficiently.

Whole-home HVAC service is what we’re here for. Recommendations from the Mohr pros make it easier to maintain your home and spend more time on the things you enjoy. HVAC myths may be wearing out your system. We’ll debunk the most common HVAC myths that we see among homeowners in Eastern Arkansas.


MYTH: The bigger the HVAC unit, the better.

TRUTH: HVAC systems don’t run like engines. Every heating and cooling system should be sized based on the home. When a tech sizes your system, certain features are considered, such as the square footage, type of home, and HVAC needs. A system that is too big for the home will cycle on and off, driving your system’s efficiency down and damaging it.


MYTH: A more efficient unit is all I need to lower my energy bill.

TRUTH: Your energy bill will most certainly thank you for installing an Energy Star rated HVAC unit, but that’s not the only way to cut down on energy waste. You could be losing heat or cool air via cracks around windows and doors, chimneys, or worn components. Drafts make it harder for your home to maintain a consistent temperature. Seal off any cracks around entryways. As for the system itself, we are brought to our next myth.


MYTH: You only need maintenance when something is wrong.

TRUTH: Maintenance isn’t useful for repairs alone. It’s for maintaining your system, like the word indicates. You can have a top-of-the-line system, but the efficiency benefits are moot if you don't maintain it. Additionally, a worn HVAC unit won't keep up with intense heat or frigid weather if the parts have collected excess dust. Maintenance from Mohr extends the life of your system, prevents repairs, and keeps your energy bill low.


MYTH: Setting the thermostat to the extremes makes your system work faster.

TRUTH: Your system won’t run any faster if you set the thermostat in the high 80s rather than setting it to the temperature that is most comfortable for you. When you crank the thermostat, your system will take just as long to heat or cool the space, and it will actually run longer than intended.


MYTH: The less your system runs, the better.

TRUTH: Your system uses energy when it runs, but most of the cost if from the first few minutes when the system is turned on. As a result, it is more expensive for your system to run on short cycles than for the unit to run as intended. A system shouldn’t be running 24/7, but a few hours is fine.


The truth about your HVAC system isn’t hard to find. Just ask a Mohr tech! We have the inner workings of your system down pat and know how to keep your home running. Call us today for any HVAC needs you may have!