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How Impending Weather Can Damage Your AC Unit

It’s already been a year of storms, and we’re not even halfway through 2021. Homeowners have had to deal with power outages, downed trees, and flash floods, and as it starts to warm up, hail damage will only rise across Eastern Arkansas.

Our team at Mohr is always prepared to help homeowners keep their air conditioning systems in peak condition. Still, we know you don't have much control over the weather. That's why we want to give you everything you need to prevent hail damage.


Hailing AC Repairs

Hail damage is more likely to happen with central systems than with window systems since the outdoor unit is typically on the ground, uncovered. With the force that hail hits cars, windows, and AC units, you can expect any damage to be severe and expensive.

The components of your outdoor unit that are the most at risk include your condenser coil, refrigerant, compressor, and fan. The condenser coil, which wraps around the unit, keeps out some debris that is blown around your system, like large branches and leaves. Depending on the size of the hail, however, it’s very easy for the coil to be dented and interior components to receive damage.

The fan’s fins are the most at risk because they're manufactured with thin metal to operate effectively. Large or even medium-sized hail can dent, bend, or break the fan fins, which can cause your system to shut down completely. A dented or otherwise altered condenser coil can lead to restricted airflow in your air conditioner. The noticeable result will be an increase in temperature in your home as hot air won’t have a way to be exhausted outside.

All damage will inevitably cause your system to work harder without giving you the comfort it should.


Protecting Your Air Conditioner

There are several ways to protect your air conditioner if you know a hail storm is coming. The easiest way is to cover your system with a tarp or hail guard. If you end up securing a tarp over your unit, be sure to turn the system off while it’s covered since the unit can overheat. A hail guard is an excellent alternative because it allows the system to operate but prevents even dime-sized hail from interfering.

If anything is unpredictable in Eastern Arkansas, it’s the weather. We know that homeowners can’t always get their system ready for the sudden storms that roll through here. After an intense storm, the best thing to do is to call an HVAC professional to check your system.

The Mohr pros will thoroughly check the condition and operation of your unit’s components, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to getting back to comfortable temps.