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Heat Pumps vs. Air Conditioners

Most of us are familiar with the unbearable heat and humidity that requires immediate relief after a short ten minutes outside. How your home cools is not nearly as important as making sure your home is cool after a day in the sun. Still, when it comes to homeowners seeking efficiency and a lower electricity bill, they might want to know which is better, a heat pump or an air conditioner.


Air Conditioners: How they work.

The modern-day air conditioner works by bringing in hot air and then letting it pass over pipes with coolant flowing through them. The air is cooled by the coils and the remaining heat is exhausted. The heat collects on a metal plate on the outside unit while a fan blows cool air on the plate, allowing it to dissipate the warm air faster. At the same time, a fan pushes the cool air back through air ducts around your home.



Air conditioners produce cooler air, meaning that they are the best option for keeping your home consistently cool while simultaneously filtering the air of pollutants.


Air conditioners cannot produce heat, nor can they take it away, meaning when winter comes around, you'll need an alternative system like a furnace or heat pump to produce heat.


Heat Pumps: How they work.

Heat pumps are a little more self-explanatory. The main idea of a heat pump is that it's easier to move hot air, either into or out of your home, rather than creating hot or cooler air.



The main benefit of a heat pump is efficiency. Heat pumps use the already existing ductwork in your home and run off electricity like air conditioners. Maintenance is also simplified, as more often than not, certified technicians can treat both systems simultaneously.


An all-in-one solution, heat pumps generally do not have as long a life span as a specialized system like an air conditioner or furnace because they usually run year-round. Plus, being powered by electricity can be an advantage and a disadvantage for this technology. If you lose electricity, you will be out of both heat and cooling for your home.


Which is right for you?

When choosing which system is suitable for your home, Mohr recommends you focus on the climate and how you plan to heat your home as the deciding factors, given that the cooling abilities of heat pumps and air conditioners are about the same. When we include installation, maintenance, and operating cost, air conditioners are less expensive usually. Heat pumps provide the most efficient way to heat and cool your home, lowering your monthly bill.

It can get pretty cold here in Eastern Arkansas, but the climate is warm for most of the year. So, a heat pump is a great option when paired with your central air conditioning unit if you generally use space heaters or fireplaces instead of your home furnace during the winter months, when it gets below 40 degrees.


Air conditioners and heat pumps are incredibly effective at making your home a more comfortable place. However, when deciding which is suitable for you, it's best to consider all the factors that might come into play. If you’re considering which is best for your home, give Mohr a call, and we will be glad to help you find your perfect system!