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Home Buyers Guide To Efficient Heating And Cooling:

Purchasing or building a home is a long and complicated process that is problematic for most considering the many factors now contributing to overall comfort in modern-day homes. In addition, it can be tricky when trying to find ways to save on that pesky monthly utility bill.

When it comes to saving money while heating or cooling your home, efficiency is vital. The more efficient you can make your home or your HVAC unit, the less you're going to pay in the long run.

Below is Mohr's guide to efficient heating and cooling all year long.



Ventilation is a great way to keep your home's energy bill at a minimum while maintaining excellent indoor air quality. While it may not be the best idea to open your windows in the middle of winter, during the fall and spring, when the temperatures are at their best, opening windows and doors can give your HVAC system a break while letting in some fresh air.


Blocking Air Vents:

While we are thinking about our home's ventilation, it's important to remember not to close off or block air vents in your home. Homes have two types of vents: a return vent and a supply vent.

Return vents take the warm air in your home and use chilled coils to draw heat from it, delivering the chilled air back into your home. Unfortunately, the chilled coils can't cool the air if you close it, so your home feels warmer. As a result, you have to hike up the thermostat to counteract it. The supply vent is the one that supplies your room with cool air and the one you've most likely messed with in the past to change the airflow direction.

If you close or block this vent, the air is forced through the ductwork until it finds an escape through another open vent. Over time, the air is unevenly distributed, and the pressure in certain parts of the system is too much for the ducts to handle. This creates air leaks that cause your AC to work twice as hard to deliver enough air to cool your home, which, in turn, leads to higher energy bills.


Install A Programmable/Smart Thermostat:

Programmable thermostats allow you to schedule when you want your air conditioning or heater to be running during the day or night. According to the Department of Energy, using a programmable thermostat in your home can save about 10% on your heating and cooling costs.


HVAC Maintenance:

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll likely hear it from the Mohr team for generations to come. The best thing you can do for your home's efficiency is schedule regular maintenance on your HVAC unit. Your unit from the factory is rated with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). This rating is when your unit is working at its best, so even if you have a unit with a great SEER, it will not retain this score over time if it is not maintained correctly.



Having quality insulation throughout your home can make all the difference when being energy efficient with your heating and cooling. Without good insulation, the hot or cold air produced by your heater or air conditioner would be wasted, forcing your unit to run constantly.  


Here at Mohr AC, we understand that being comfortable in your own home is a priority for most, but paying extravagant amounts to your energy company every month is daunting. If you have questions about reducing your home's heating and cooling costs, give us a call today!