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How HVAC Maintenance Can Save You Money

It probably comes as no surprise that having routine maintenance on your HVAC unit can help you avoid costly issues in the lifetime of your unit.

Like the maintenance your car requires to last as long as possible, your HVAC is an investment that is worth protecting. Additionally, a poorly maintained system will likely need a complete replacement sooner than it should. Finally, routine maintenance provides you with peace of mind that your unit is in top shape when the worst weather strikes.

Without your seasonal tune-ups, you may be looking at unexpected issues that could arise at any time throughout the year. At Mohr, we want you to know how HVAC maintenance can prevent a whole host of issues and even save you money, so see below!


Increase energy savings.


What’s better than savings on HVAC repairs? You guessed it: more savings. A highly efficient system cools and heats your home faster, using less energy than it would have otherwise. Ensuring each component is in tip-top shape means your system can run at peak efficiency. Once it’s easier to keep your home comfortable all year, you’ll notice your energy bill will start to improve.


Worn belts

HVAC belts are responsible for driving the pulley system in your unit. They rely on proper tension to power the blower and push air into the system. Over time, the tension in your belts start to wan, which can cause your unit to freeze during cooling, leading to leaks, and damage to the compressor.


System short circuits

When your system short circuits, there is a problem that is making the system work too hard and overheat. Short circuits can be prevented with regular maintenance, whether they’re caused by a bad compressor or a clogged air filter.


Carbon monoxide leaks

While your AC may not use fuel to operate, your HVAC system does. Carbon monoxide is emitted by your HVAC but is also contained within the system. If there are ever any CO leaks or your heat exchanger fails, you and your family are at risk for serious health effects. The only way to prevent carbon monoxide leaks is to schedule preventative maintenance.


Poor air quality

Thanks to an HVAC tune-up, your system will be less likely to experience any breakdowns or malfunctions. These tune-ups also improve the overall efficiency of your system, and the more efficient your system is, the better it will reduce allergens and pollutants in your home’s air. These irritants can cause even healthy homeowners to experience adverse health effects. With additional HVAC protection, you can bolster your home’s indoor air quality.



Refrigerant leaks

Your system can leak refrigerant due to common problems like damaged components and improper installations. A refrigerant leak can also occur because of corrosion in the pipes that carry the freon in the system. Technicians can spot signs of corrosion or worn components during your preventative maintenance service and prevent refrigerant issues from occurring.


In addition to common issues like old parts and dirty filters, a maintenance check goes over every aspect of your system. Our team will catch even the smallest of red flags because you should never have an inch of your comfort sacrificed. So schedule your preventative HVAC maintenance with Mohr today!