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Top HVAC Tips for the Holidays

You work hard on your home year-round, and the holiday season is no different. With holiday vacations, family visits, and everyone off work and school, your home’s HVAC system works overtime to manage your family’s comfort. While the holiday season is exciting for many reasons, it would be much more magical with a functioning heating system.

Getting ready for the holidays is exciting for the Mohr team too! We get to give the gift of HVAC maintenance and spread home service cheer around all of Eastern Arkansas. In fact, one of the many joys of our job is taking the stress off of busy homeowners during the season. No more stressing about your family straining your heater with the Mohr team. Here are the top HVAC tips for the holidays.


Schedule an inspection for your heating system.

We can’t say enough good things about HVAC tune-ups. One of the most important times of the year for a heating inspection is right before the cold season. If you have any guests coming over, it is even more important to ensure your system can handle the increased use.


Keep the system at 60 degrees.

If you're going to be visiting family, we advise you not to completely turn off your heating system, especially if you know the temperatures will drop below freezing. Keep the heat on 60 degrees or higher to help insulate your pipes.


Cover your AC unit.

While not in use, your system can freeze due to the cold weather. Protect the system from weather-related issues by covering the outdoor unit with an HVAC cover.


Vacuum and dust around your home.

An important part of your ventilation system includes introducing fresh air into the home. Since most doors and windows will remain closed during the winter, you can prevent your home from feeling too stuffy by dusting and vacuuming. Plus, it helps prepare for any guests!


Invest in a humidifier.

A part of that stuffy feeling that comes from being inside for too long during the winter is the lack of humidity. The air can get pretty dry during the winter. A good way to maintain your comfort is by utilizing a humidifier.


Change your air filter.

Since your heater will work extra hard this winter, make sure your air filter is fresh. A clean air filter will reduce strain on your system.


Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Your heater emits carbon monoxide when in use but contains the CO within the system. If you have worn components, the likelihood of carbon monoxide leaks increases. The start of winter is the best time of year to ensure your detectors are up to date.


The holidays can be just as merry and bright as they're supposed to be as long as you don't have to deal with heating issues. Trust our experts to take care of your system and prepare you for those long winter days. Mohr AC will be there for your home, no matter the season.