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Is A Bigger HVAC System Better?

Ensuring your system is the perfect size for your home will give you more control over your environment, including the humidity level, indoor air quality, and even your energy bills. With the help of a heating and cooling specialist from Mohr, you can rest assured your system will be perfect.


Bigger Isn’t Better

There's such thing as a good fit, but conversely, there's also such thing as a poor fit. To determine whether or not your system is a misshapen puzzle piece in your home or if it's as snug as a glove, refer to the following checklist for common signs of an over or undersized system:

Frequent and short cycles

High humidity levels

Increased allergy symptoms indoors

High energy bills

Excessively high energy bills can be a sign that your system is too large or too small. When it's too big for the space it's in, the air conditioner starts up and turns off much more frequently, causing sudden surges in energy. On the other hand, a smaller system might run constantly.

Not surprisingly, incorrect installation assessments can cause technicians to replace systems with unbalanced equipment. So, if your air conditioner is given you more problems than it is relieving you with cool air, get in touch with our team as soon as possible.


Choosing A Properly Sized System 

Size is the capacity at which your system can cool your home. Fitting your HVAC according to your budget, cooling needs, and the size of your spaces will allow you to get the most out of the equipment. Measured in BTUs, the cooling capacity of each system varies.

For example, 1500 – 2000 square feet of space requires a system that operates with 52,000 – 70,000 BTUs. When determining how much cooling power you need in your home, these factors influence the size of your unit as well:

•          The number and position of the windows in your home

•          Daily foot traffic in each room

•          The location of the system

•          The type of unit you’re installing (central or portable)

In fact, the Mohr team uses an industry preferred process known as Manual J to determine the exact system to heat and cool your home. To make your replacement as simple as possible, we’ll enter your home’s information and calculate the correct size.

The right system is just the start of maximizing your energy efficiency and savings.  

Maintenance and a properly fitted system are the answer to extending your equipment's lifespan. Mohr offers tune-up specials regularly and can help you find the right air conditioner for your space. Call your reliable experts at Mohr for all of your cooling needs.