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How to Troubleshoot Your AC Cooling Issues in 5 Easy Steps

Home HVAC expenses are no joke. A single AC repair can cost a homeowner in eastern Arkansas up to $1000, but at Mohr AC, we want to make it as easy as possible to ensure your air conditioning works perfectly. There are a couple things every homeowner needs to be aware of when it comes to their heating and cooling system. If you’ve experienced the following when dealing with your AC, then you may just need to make a quick fix:

  • The thermostat is blank or unreadable
  • Frozen or leaking unit
  • Lack of air when the unit is on
  • The air blowing from the system is the wrong temperature
  • The system takes too long to cool the space

Since air conditioner repairs can run up the bill, it’s better to be prepared in case you can handle the issue yourself! We’re here to guide you through troubleshooting your cooling issues.


  1. Make sure your condensate drain is clear.

Many homeowners don’t know that an AC unit is actually responsible for reducing moisture in the home in addition to keeping everyone cool. Air conditioners have an evaporator coil that keeps the refrigerant cold. Because the evaporator coil is so cold, water vapor quickly condenses as it contacts the coil. This is why proper drainage around your unit is necessary. If you can’t unclog your condensate drain yourself, you can always call Mohr.


  1. Install a programmable thermostat.

If you can’t tell whether or not your AC is on or cooling to the exact right temperature, your thermostat may be to blame. Change the batteries if the power is low but be sure to check the circuit breaker for your HVAC system in case the problem lies there.

When it is time for an upgrade, our team recommends a programmable thermostat. This technology grants you more control over your home’s comfort.


  1. Clean the fins with a vacuum.

The fins are a delicate part of your outdoor unit that dispel heat from the system. When your fins get bent because of weather or maintenance, the air flow of the system gets restricted. To resolve issues involving inefficient cooling, use a vacuum with a soft-bristle attachment to clear dirt and debris from the fins. Plus, the less your system has to work when temperatures reach extreme levels, the less you’ll be dealing with HVAC repairs.


  1. Change your air filters and clean debris away from your outdoor unit.

One of the easiest ways you can cut down on the time it takes to cool your home is by replacing the air filter. You can find your air filter in a compartment in the indoor part of your system or behind a ceiling or wall register. Replacing your air filters monthly will certainly help increase system efficiency and in turn, your energy bill will remain low.

The coil around your outdoor unit helps disperse heat into the surrounding environment, but when the coil is blocked by debris and dirt, then the heat and refrigerant transfer becomes less efficient. To avoid debris from blowing into the coil, clear the surrounding ground of leaves frequently.


  1. Schedule maintenance with our techs.

When all else fails to fix your cooling problem, you can count on our team to get to the bottom of things. The fact is, not all HVAC issues are common. When you need a professional’s help to safely and effectively resolve your issue, on our team is licensed and insured. Mohr AC provide provides complete peace of mind for all of your HVAC needs.