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What Should I Do To Prepare My House For The Winter?

The harsh winds and unexpected freezes of winter demand home preparation. Your first thought may go to your plumbing system or even your patio plants! But, while we'll be thinking about these things for our own homes, we need to prepare the system that will battle the cold winter air and keep your pipes warm: your furnace.

In the winter, your furnace works overtime to keep your home in comfortable conditions, so it's imperative that you are prepared for winter with your furnace in tip-top shape.

Below you'll find our top tips for preparing your home for the winter weather!


HVAC Maintenance:

As we stated earlier, the best thing you can do to keep your home prepared for frosty temperatures is to keep your furnace in top condition, especially if you have issues from the previous winter that haven't been addressed.

No matter how advanced the system, every unit will experience wear and tear from the collection of dust, the repetitive use of components, and the age of the system. The best way to prevent the strain on your system from interfering with your comfort is to have a certified technician inspect your furnace.



While your furnace is carrying the load of heating your home during the cold winter months, it won't make much difference if the heat is being wasted as it dissipates through your roof. However, having quality insulation throughout your home allows for this heat to be contained, giving your furnace a much-needed break, all while lowering your heating costs.


Cover Exposed Pipes:

One of the worst things that can happen in a bad winter storm is for one of your pipes to burst, forcing you to shut off the water and make repairs as quickly as possible. You should cover all exposed pipes and faucets with insulation to prevent burst pipes.


Run Hot Water Regularly:

Running warm water through all of your home's indoor faucets will ensure that water within the pipes isn't frozen and keep the pipe warm.


Sealing Small Holes:

Your furnace works tirelessly through the winter to keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, this heat can escape through the smallest of holes, so it's essential you check the perimeter of your home for gaps or holes and fill or cover them before the cold weather hits.


Winter is a tough time of year for everyone, including your home. Preparing your home and the tools it uses to fight the cold is essential to avoid costly repairs or even replacement. The best way to prevent any and all HVAC issues is by scheduling your tune-ups and inspections on time.

For your furnace, you should call Mohr for an inspection before the winter weather hits. These inspections reduce the likelihood of furnace issues during the coldest part of the year. Plus, a literal well-oiled machine will heat your home more efficiently and reduce energy costs. With a pre-winter furnace inspection from the team at Mohr, you can look forward to a cozy home all winter long.