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Ways to Make Your Work from Home Experience More Tolerable

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Stay Comfortable While You and Your Family Work from Home

Great air conditioning is an essential part of every home, and now that we all are going to be spending more time at home for a while, it’s highly important to keep everything running smoothly. From your air filters to your HVAC units outside, keeping each part of your air conditioning system in optimal condition will make it easier to focus on other important tasks.

Your home environment can have a big impact on how well you’re able to get work done. Is your home noticeably stuffy? Do you still struggle with allergies even while inside? If any of this sounds familiar, Mohr AC can help transform your home into the perfect work haven. Following these tips can freshen up your home while limiting the distractions around you.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

If there’s anything homeowners should know about their air conditioning, it’s that preventative maintenance can go a long way in keeping their home comfortable. Wear and tear on systems is natural with how much dust and debris is filtered through your HVAC components. Scheduling regular maintenance will help your heating and cooling systems work efficiently and avoid breakdowns when you need them most. Nobody wants to deal with a broken-down air conditioning when they already have to be stuck at home. Call Mohr to schedule your HVAC maintenance today.

Open Windows and Doors for Fresh Air

Windows are great to let in some natural light, but they can also raise the temperature in a room quite a bit. If you’re able, keeping windows and doors open during the morning or evening can allow natural light in to brighten up your workspace and can also create a welcome breath of fresh air flowing through your home. It’s the next best thing to working outdoors. Plus, the clean air from outside can improve the indoor air quality in your home as long as it isn’t polluted with irritants like pollen.

Consider an Air Scrubber for Clean Air

If you can’t open your windows or the weather and allergens aren’t permitting, and still want to make sure your home is full of clean, fresh air, an Air Scrubber may be the way to go. These high-tech appliances essentially “scrub” your air so you can breathe fresh air, like from outside, without all of the allergens and contaminants.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioning System

Technology is rapidly changing, and this includes air conditioners. Homeowners today can drastically improve their living environment and their energy bill by installing a more efficient cooling system in their home.

Models with high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER ratings, can enhance ventilation and improve your indoor air quality. Mohr has several top of the line AC systems to choose from if you’re considering upgrading your AC.

Just call a Mohr technician today for any installation or repair services you need to make your home a better place to work or relax! With these changes and help from Mohr AC, you won’t even want to go back to the office!